Addax in the Mirror
Addax in the Mirror

Addax in the Mirror

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 From A Girl Called Alaska's "Metamorphosis" Collection.


The Fool’s journey is one of returning to the self; a spiralic homecoming wherein you arrive at the beginning, entirely unrecognizable, and yet closer to yourself than ever before.

Here is Addax in the mirror, taking a moment to consider the silos of Seeing and Knowing—the axis of understanding.

The mirror is not a mirror, but rather a container wide enough to hold the multiple truths she/he/they possess.

The cranes represent harmony, grace & longevity—a reminder that life is long and your purple-hearted dreams, even if momentarily grounded, still have wings.

The Addax—a symbol of action emerging from intuition, not solely intellect—the strength of momentum with purpose. Adaptation—a reminder that adjusting one’s perception can be a powerful catalyst for altering one’s environment.

The twin Tigers—the charioteers, though a symbol of strength and forward momentum are seen resting—an easing of tension through stillness; a call to peace through breath.

All prints are hand-made in Victoria, BC. 
11" x 14"