Decade founder Molly set out to make the perfect pair of jeans. She quickly learned that the standard fit for jeans was not even fit for her. Most brands use an industry-standard fit model which is not a relatable body shape for the average woman. Bigger companies will also use elastane in order to stretch one pattern to fit multiple body shapes. An integral fabric compromise the Decade foursome did not want to make. They were determined to use only 100% cotton denim, but still have it fit every body shape. By reaching out to their community and conducting some denim fieldwork they revealed a common issue with baggy and shapeless jeans; that pesky back gap! Molly had devised a way to solve this troublesome fit issue while fitting a variety of body shapes and sizes. This novel blueprint is what they call the Ratio-Fit. This formula allows space for the hips and tush while perfectly fitting the waist. Today, the Decade brand continues to produce ethically and sustainably made garments that are durable, stylish and fit for you.
Currently Decade operates out of the Ellis Building in Vancouver, British Columbia. The denim factory is located in Northern Portugal and run by a family who have hired a small team of highly trained artisans who make Decade jeans from start to finish by hand. Everyone is paid a living wage and the working conditions are safe and healthy.