Jayme-Lynn Gloade is a Mi’kmaq visual and craft artist from Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia. After obtaining her BFA from NSCAD University in 2014 with a focus on Photography and Art History, she returned in 2019 for a post-bachelorette certificate in ceramics.
In Mi’kmaq legends and ideologies, people, animals and nature are perceived equally. This forms a bond between people and their environment. As a Mi’kmaw artist, Jayme-Lynn is drawn to the emotional representations and influences that bodies and textures have within our surroundings. Expending these aspects of her Mi’kmaq heritage in order to encapsulate its presence within her artistic practice. She believes it is part of human nature to look for ways to transform and adapt our environment in order to make it our own. The objects we choose to place in our daily lives affects our moods and mindsets at their core, and Jayme-Lynn emphasizes the role of our humanistic nature and how it participates in constructing the spaces we live in.