Hudson Pipe 2.0, Chrome
Hudson Pipe 2.0, Chrome
Hudson Pipe 2.0, Chrome
Hudson Pipe 2.0, Chrome

Hudson Pipe 2.0, Chrome

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~ new and improved ~
This circular design offers a large internal chamber with smooth rounded edges and a carb to clear excess smoke. The Hudson's wide design gives your smoke room to cool down and mellow out before reaching your lips. This feature makes for a smooth and visually stimulating experience.
The perfect piece to leave out on your coffee table or use as in incense holder. 
This finish allows for an extraordinary experience as it plays with light and exists in a constant state of flux. This sensation allows your piece to blend into your environment as it reflects the colours and characteristics of surrounding objects while distinguishing itself with its notable metallic qualities. 
95.25 mm x 44.45 mm
100% Borosilicate glass
For a cleaner smoking experience, we recommend using a mesh screen with this design. Pipes come with one screen to get you started :)
All smokeware can be bathed in hot, soapy water, rinsed and air-dried.
To remove any stubborn grime, simply soak in 99% isopropyl alcohol and scrub with a pipe cleaner to get maximum shine.