Naked Nassau Tumbler
Naked Nassau Tumbler

Naked Nassau Tumbler

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A brightly coloured, hand made and shaped vessel from Sirius Glassworks based in Lake Erie, ON.
Why naked, you ask? They don't have the veil of rainbow sheen which means the decoration ends up being a lot brighter and zestier with its true colours laid bare. 

Each cup will be entirely unique from the ones pictured and we can't guarantee that certain colours will or won't be present. It'll just be a pleasant surprise.
All items are one of a kind and roughly measure 5"T x 2.5"W.
Incredibly light and comfortable to hold!
We recommend hand-washing to extend the life of any hand-made items :)
Hand blown glass is not dishwasher safe and is vulnerable to temperature extremes. Please do not use for hot beverages.