Mohair Sweater, Lilac & Red Stripe
Mohair Sweater, Lilac & Red Stripe

Mohair Sweater, Lilac & Red Stripe

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They are here!
We instantly feel in love with the colours, cut and feel of these gorgeous hand knit sweaters by Arden.
Incredibly soft with no itch, can easily be worn with just a bra underneath against bare skin.
The warm light hug you need to get you through to summer 🫂
Handmade in France.
Please note we only have one of each of these beauties so they will not be eligable for any discounts.

75% Mohair ~ 20% Wool ~ 5% Polyamide
Hand knit from french Mohair
Spot clean sparingly. When you do, hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water. Lay on a flat surface to dry. Store folded, not hung, to preserve shape of knit.

Boxy, airy fit.
Available in two lengths.
Please note that there is a bit of shrinkage after being folded in a box during transit due to the nature of the knit and yarn. With a few wears your sweater will relax and come to it's full length of either 15 or 18".