The Everywhere Lotion, Black Spruce & Giant Sea Kelp

The Everywhere Lotion, Black Spruce & Giant Sea Kelp

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A fast absorbing lotion, filled with nourishing organic oils and botanicals. Giant kelp hydrates and helps restore the skin’s natural PH. Vitamin and antioxidant rich botanicals nourish from the outside in. Wild black spruce grounds and calms. Crafted in BC from responsibly harvested vitamin-rich botanicals and biodynamic ingredients.



Spruce ~ Chamomile ~ Rosehip ~ Lavender


Purified rain water, west coast giant kelp extract, canadian pine extract, *chamomile extract, *sweet almond oil, *rosehip extract, certified biodynamic avocado oil, *lavender extract, *horsetail herb extract, *marigold extract, *burdock extract, *rosemary extract, *lotus bean gum, *olive oil, jojoba ethanol, *aloe vera leaf juice, *glycerine, *jojoba oil, *rose hip oil, *calendula oil, wild black spruce oil, petitgrain oil, sweet fennel oil, vitamin E oil, sea buckthorn in saline solution, vitamin A oil, evening primrose oil, wild red clover oil.